Woohoo is a romantic social interaction. It is the Sims equivalent for sex in real life. It can be selected when clicking on another Sim of any romantic relationship types. Normally one will have to do romantic ineractions first to reach the "Alluring" stage, then Woohoo will appear on the Sim. Or one can get access to Woohoo directly by clicking in various objects, such as a double bed. If clicked from a menu from a Sim, Woohoo will always take place in a double bed.

If Woohoo is accepted, there will be a moderate to high boost in the relationship. 3 Social Point and occasionally a Love (Items) will drop. The player can post a feed to their wall to share, and clicking on the feed will give the clicker a Love.

When Woohooing in a bed, a special message will appear after the interaction has finished, saying "The Sims just did it!" and allowing the player to post a feed. However, after the message closes, there will still be a small box beside the bed allowing the player to post another feed, thus making this the only interaction by which the player can post more than one feed.

Places to Woohoo

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Woohoo can take place in the following places:

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