Wonderland Giant Mushroom
Shop Category: Outdoor
Need to Construct: n/a
Type: Outdoor
Size:  ??

The Wonderland Giant Mushroom is a type of outdoor decorative object. It can be purchased in the shop under the outdoor category. It was added during the Alice's Dreamland theme week in January 2012.

Item Interactions

At Home

Interaction Cost Effect / Reward Possible Drops Requirements
Sit 0 Energ None None None
Nap 0 Energ Fulfills Sleep need Dreams (Items), Nightcap, Soft Pillow (Items), Dream Inspiration (item) None
Jump On 0 Energ Fulfills +1 Fun None
Jump Together 1 Energ Fulfills +1 Fun and Social Must ask over a Sim

Visiting Friends

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Interaction Cost Effect / Reward Possible Drops Requirements
Add interaction here  ? Energ

News Feed Stories

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