Witches Hat
Witches Hat (Items)
Maximum Allowed
Request By
Send individual requests
Drops from
Objects: Yes
Socialization: No
Other: Yes
Used for
Quests: Yes
Skills: Yes
Other: No

Witches Hat is a Halloween-themed backpack item. Once Halloween is over, you can still request this item for object construction and to unlock levels.

How to Get

They can be gained by:

  • Asking friends through individual requests (This is generally the fastest way).
  • Taking pictures of Halloween related animals in your Yard, such as Toads, Globes of light, or Spectres. They are a random drop.
  • Practicing a skill using a Haunted Skill item, such as the Haunted Easel. They are a random drop.

Used For


They are required for completing several Halloween 2011 quests


Regular Skills

Special Skills

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