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Venusto Fashion Desk
Venusto fashion desk
Shop Category: Skills
Need to Construct: n/a
Type: Art Skill
Size: 3 x 1

The Venusto Fashion Desk is a type of art skill object added during the Drivers Wanted Week. It was a limited time item available for purchase in the shop for one week, and this item is no longer available.

Completing all the skill levels on this item will give your Sim an additional 22 art skill levels.

Item Interactions

At Home

Interaction Cost Effect / Reward Possible Drops Requirements
Design 0 Energ Opens up Skill Level panel (see Skill Levels) None
Clean 1 Energ Cleans dirty object Cloth (Items), Duster, Rubber Glove Item is dirty

Visiting Friends

Interaction Cost Effect / Reward Possible Drops Requirements
Add interaction here  ? Energ
Clean 1 Energ Cleans dirty object Cloth (Items), Duster, Rubber Glove Item is dirty

Skill Levels

Action Level Req. Requirements # Actions Profit Image
Practice Basic Stitch None 3 Relaxation (Items), 3 Muse (Items)
Practice Cross Stitch Level ___ Practice Basic Stitch Mastery 4 Love (Items), 3 Dreams (Items)
Practice Chain Stitch Level ___ Practice Cross Stitch Mastery 4 Cloth (Items), 2 Pencil (Items)
Practice Blind Stitch Level ___ Practice Chain Stitch Mastery 4 Cloth (Items), 5 Idea, 3 Muse (Items)
Repair Torn Pants Level ___ Practice Blind Stitch Mastery 2 Ruler, 5 Paper (Items), 4 Cloth (Items)
Design Skirt Level ___ Repair Torn Pants 5 Pencil (Items), 5 Red Fabric, 3 Hype
Design Jacket Level ___ Design Skirt Mastery 6 Red Fabric, 6 Muse (Items), 2 Pen
Design Jeans Level ___ Design Jacket Mastery 6 Charcoal (Items), 5 Cloth (Items), 4 Ruler
Design Suit Level ___ Design Jeans Mastery 8 Blue Pencil, 8 Graphics Tablet, 8 Red Fabric, 5 Paper (Items)
Design Evening Dress Level __ Design Suit Mastery 5 Pen, 8 Admiration, 5 Hype, 8 Mirror

News Feed Stories

The below stories can be published to your news feed by using this object.

Action Publication Reward
Name of interaction (Insert picture here) Reward for clicking feed

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