Vegas Ritsy Fountain Skill Icon
The VEGAS RITZY FOUNTAIN Skill is a special Vegas Week themed skill. If you complete all skill levels in this item within a limited time frame, you will be awarded the Vegas Pigeon Pal which is used in the limited time quest, No Trick, Mein Freund!

You will gain 15 Lifetime Points for going up each level in this skill.

Skill Instruments

You can use the following object to improve this skill:

Object Name Level Skill Req. Cost/Requirements Details Levels to Earn
Vegas Ritzy Fountain None Free 1500 House Value, Social, Fun 12

Skill Levels

Action Level Req. Requirements # Actions Profit Image
Add Cascade Rear None None 10 20
Vegas Ritzy Fountain Job
Add Fancy Spotlights Level 1 Add Cascade Rear Mastery

2 Light Box, 3 Buzz (Items) , 3 Entertainment (Items)

15 + 15 21
Vegas Ritzy Fountain Job
Fill Pool Level 2 Add Fancy Spotlights Mastery 5 Water Bottle, 5 Soapsuds, 5 Water 15 + 15 +15 22
Vegas Ritzy Fountain Job
Add Outer Fountains Level 3 Fill Pool Mastery 6 Sound Sample (Items), 6 Bling (Items), 6 Water3Hope 20 + 20 + 20 23
Vegas Ritzy Fountain Job
Add... Action! Level 3 Add Outer Fountains Mastery 3 Photograph, 10 Amplifier (Items), 5 Conductor's Baton, 10 Muse (Items) 20 + 20 + 20 25
Vegas Ritzy Fountain Job

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