Toast Master General quest

Toast Master General is a 7 part quest which culminates in being awarded the Scrapped Toaster. The quest is given to you by the character Mike.

This quest is preceded by the Business Time quest.

Quest Requirements

You will need the following items to complete the quest:

Minimum cost: 0 Simoleons

Quest Walkthrough

Part Description Notes Reward
  • Collect mysterious mail from mailbox
  • Request encouragement from friends
  • Read manual (10x)
  • Click Mailbox, choose "Collect Mail"
  • Requires posting to FB feed to collect 5 clicks
  • Click bookcase, choose "Read Manual"
20 Lifetime Point Sign, 50 Simoleons, 30 Experience Point
  • Work on your blueprints every day for 3 days in a row
  • Have 10 Scrap
  • Have 16 Plans (Will be consumed)
  • Click computer, choose "Work on Blueprints"
  • Collect scrap from electronics in Sim's houses
  • Plans will be consumed
20 Lifetime Point Sign, 30 Experience Point, 2 Energ
  • Resistors are found in friend's fridges.
  • Capacitors are only found in computers and Bella does not own one.
  • Visit Sim and ask to "Borrow Cell Phone"
20 Lifetime Point Sign, 30 Experience Point, 1 Bling (Items)
  • Siphon electricity from 30 electrical items at other Sim's houses
  • Have 5 Rubber Duckies (Will be consumed)
  • Click on electronic items in other Sim's homes and choose "Siphon Electricity"
  • Rubber Duckies will be consumed
20 Lifetime Point Sign, 30 Simoleons, 30 Experience Point
  • Have a workbench
  • Build Mystery Machine (x12)
  • Brag about your machine to 8 Sims
  • Workbench comes from a previous quest, Raise the Benchmark
  • Click on workbench, choose "Build Mystery Machine"
  • Visit friends, choose "Brag About Machine"
20 Lifetime Point Sign, 40 Simoleons, 30 Experience Point, Scrapped Toaster
  • Ask 6 Sims what they think the machine is
  • Call the Inventor Hotline
  • Have 6 Hope (Will be consumed)
  • Visit friends, ask about machine
  • Must use the same phone 5 times to call the Inventor Hotline.
  • Hope will be consumed
20 Lifetime Point Sign, 30 Experience Point, 1 Goodwill (Items)
  • Become Inspired!
  • Switch the mystery machine on!
50 Lifetime Point Sign, 150 Simoleons, 40 Experience Point, +3 Energ

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