The Prankfather is a limited time quest available from March 5 - 12, 2012 for Gangster Week. It is given by the characters: Bella Goth, The Prankfather and Mike.

Completing this quest will award you with the My Sly Lula Pal doll used in the limited time CALL FOR A CHANGE! quest.

Quest Requirements
Number of Friends 9
Minimum Cost Simoleons 76 Social Point 2000
Cost Breakdown 76 Simoleons for Watermelons

2000 Social Point for WiseFellas Organized Crime Board & Pie Attack Hat

Backpack Items Used 8 Relaxation (Items)
Equipment Needed Pie Attack Hat, WiseFellas Organized Crime Board

Quest Walkthrough

Image Part Description Notes Reward
The Prankfather Step 1 1
  • Research Prankfather on the bookcase
  • Ask 5 Sims about the Prankfather
  • Click any Bookcase and choose "Research Prankfather"
  • Click Sim and choose "Who's the Prankfather?"; positive social action
15 Lifetime Point Sign, 50 Simoleons, 10 Experience Point, 10 Social Point
The Prankfather Step 2 2
  • Gather grain from plants or weeds
  • Gather water from the well
  • Steal sugar from Sim friend's fridges (6x)
  • Click any plant at home or friend's house and choose "Gather Grains"; Grains will be consumed.
  • Visit Bella and click on her well, choose "Gather Water"; alternately Water drops from cooking / eating actions; Water will be consumed.
  • Click friend's fridges and choose "Steal Sugar," no social penalty
15 Lifetime Point Sign, 80 Simoleons, 15 Experience Point, 10 Social Point
The Prankfather Step 3 3
  • Craft the SimShine on the Chemistry Lab Table (10x)
  • Test your SimShine out on Sims (7x)
  • Have 8 Relaxation (8x)
  • Visit Bella to use her table; will not succeed each time you try to craft the SimShine
  • Click Sim, choose "Test"; positive reaction
  • Relaxation will be consumed.
15 Lifetime Point Sign, 100 Simoleons, 15 Experience Point, 15 Social Point
The Prankfather Step 4 4
  • Harvest 4 watermelon (4x)
  • Gather vanilla seeds from interacting with weeds or plants (10x)
  • Steal eggs from Sim friends' fridges (8x)
  • Will take 12 hours to do this
  • Vanilla Seeds will be consumed
  • Click fridge and choose "Steal Eggs"
20 Lifetime Point Sign, 120 Simoleons, 20 Experience Point, 20 Social Point
The Prankfather Step 5 5
  • See above for cost
  • Requires 6 unique dirty items
  • Visit Bella to use her Chemistry Lab
20 Lifetime Point Sign, 150 Simoleons, 20 Experience Point, 25 Simoleons
The Prankfather Step 6 6
  • Ask Bella over to work on the crime board with you
  • Investigate 9 Sims
  • Accuse friends of being the Prankfather
  • Ask Bella to come to your house, then click crime board and choose "Work on Crime"; area in front of board must be clear
  • Click Sim, choose "Investigate"; negative social action
  • Post news story to feed and have 6 friends click
25 Lifetime Point Sign, 200 Simoleons, 20 Experience Point, 35 Social Point
The Prankfather Step 7 7
  • Perform the "Special Hit" on Bella (3x)
  • Clean yourself up
  • Hat is in Clothes section of Store for 1100 Social Point
  • "Special Hit!" is a negative social action
  • Use any item to fulfill your Hygiene need.
20 Lifetime Point Sign, 250 Simoleons, 25 Experience Point, 2 Energ
The Prankfather Step 8 8
  • Clean your Sim friends dirty items (8x)
  • Recruit friends to your new outfit
  • Hit other Sims (10x)
  • Click visiting Sims and cleaning dirty toilet, shower,..
  • Publish story to news feed and have 7 friends click
  • Click on a Sim and "Hit!"
300 Simoleons, 25 Experience Point, 30 Lifetime Point Sign, My Sly Lula Pal

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