Steel Bladder
Steel Bladder is one of the many traits a Sim could have in the Sims Social. According to the in-game description, Steel Bladder Sims can:
"Stay inspired longer with less bathroom breaks."

Sims that have the Steel Bladder trait will have the Bladder need decline much more slowly than the average Sim. How slowly this need declines depends on the level you have in this trait.

Note:Drinking coffee cancels out the trait.


Level Cost to Upgrade Description Benefits
1 50 Lifetime Point Sign Can hold on for longer than average. -
2 150 Lifetime Point Sign Can hold for even longer. -
3 300 Lifetime Point Sign Can hold for longer still. -
4 500 Lifetime Point Sign Can hold on for inhuman lengths of time. -
5 1000 Lifetime Point Sign A titan among practicers of bladder control. -
All Traits
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