Furniture that Requires SimCash

Some Furniture that requires SimCash

SimCash was one of the types of game currencies. You could acquire it for free through the Daily Login Bonus (one chance every 5 days) or by buying it directly with real world money.

SimCash can be used for the following things:

People who were not able to login after the beta due to a large crash were given 300 SimCash for free.

Purchasing SimCash

Some of the ways Purchasing SimCash are:

Pay by Facebook Credits
  • For $5 USD - 35 SimCash
  • For $10 USD - 72 SimCash
  • For $20 USD - 150 SimCash
  • For $40 USD - 320 SimCash
  • For $100 USD - 900 SimCash
Pay by Credit Card
Credit Card
Pay by PayPal
Pay by Mobile
  • For $2 USD - 6 SimCash
  • For $18 USD - 69 SimCash
  • For $36 USD - 149 SimCash
  • For $50 USD - 210 SimCash
  • For $66 USD - 304 SimCash
Money for Mobile
Earn Credits No Picture To Earn Credits, is completing surveys, deals, etc. Once completed, the credits will be placed onto the account. No Picture
More Choices
More Choices
  • For $5 USD - 35 SimCash
  • For $10 USD - 72 SimCash
  • For $20 USD - 150 SimCash
Money for More Choices

Transfering Money into a Different Currency

SimCash can help by changing it into a different currency. For example, you can change SimCash for Simoleons or either Social Points.

SimCash Transfers Into
Simoleons Social Points
15 SimCash 1,800 Simoleons 220 Social Point
30 SimCash 4,000 Simoleons 500 Social Point
70 SimCash 11,000 Simoleons 1,400 Social Point
160 SimCash 30,000 Simoleons 4,000 Social Point

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