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The Romantic Dining Table Skill is a special Valentine's Week themed skill that is linked to one item: the Amour Dinner For Two.

Building this skill will slowly decorate the table and unlock romantic interactions between your Sim and another Sim when using this item.

You will gain 15 Lifetime Points for going up each level in this skill. There are no backpack item drops.

Romantic Dining Table Skill Instruments

You can use the following object to improve this skill:

Object Name Level Skill Req. Cost/Requirements Details Levels to Earn
Amour Dinner For Two None 2500 Simoleons + 20 Muse (Items), 12 Love (Items), 3 Hope, 6 Light Box, 12 Paint (Items) 2000 House Value 13

Skill Levels

Action Level Req. Requirements # Actions Profit
Set Place 0 None 10 19
Add Bottle Of Juice 1 3 Cloth (Items), 5 Diamond Nail, 6 Muse (Items), 6 Goodwill (Items) 10 + 10 21
Add Glass 3 6 Ice, 4 Fruit, 6 Coffee Beans, 6 Dreams (Items) 15 + 15 20
Add Vase And Petals 5 4 Chocolate, 6 Bling (Items), 8 Entertainment (Items), 8 Spice 20 + 20 22
Add Setting For Company 7 8 Cloth (Items), 8 Mixing Bowl (Items), 8 Veggies, 8 Breath Mints 20 + 20 + 20 26
The Finishing Touch! 10

6 Bread, 15 Love (Items), 10 Dreams (Items), 12 Muse (Items)

20 + 20 + 20 23

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