Road Trip

Road Trip is a limited time quest available from February 23 - 29, 2012 during Utopia Beach Week. It is given by the character Bella Goth.

Completing this quest will award you with the Utopia Hammock.

Quest Requirements

Minimum cost: 922 Simoleons

  • 800 Simoleons for the Utopia Tiki Mask (Clothes)
  • 46 Simoleons to plant grapes (2x)
  • 76 Simoleons to plant watermelons (4x)
Road Trip

Quest Walkthrough

Image Part Description Notes Reward
Road Trip part1 1
  • Look up Littlehaven Shores on a computer 10 times
  • Ask 5 different Sims if they know directions to Littlehaven Shores
  • Send a postcard telling everyone about Littlehaven Shores and share it to your wall!
  • Click on a computer then use action 'Research Littlehaven Shores' 10 times. You can do this at friends' houses too
  • Visit 5 Sims then 'Ask For Directions'
  • Click on a mailbox then 'Send A Postcard (you do not need to share it to your wall)
20 Lifetime Point Sign, 30 Simoleons, 20 Experience Point
Road Trip part2 2
  • Have a wearable tiki mask from the new Utopia clothing range
  • Harvest grapes (2x)
  • Harvest watermelons (4x)
  • Click on the 'Clothes' icon then search the 'Special' tab for the Tiki Mask.
  • Plant 2 grapes and 2 watermelons, come back in 12 hours to harvest the watermelons and plant 2 more. This task will take at least 24 hours
30 Lifetime Point Sign, 50 Simoleons, 30 Experience Point
Road Trip part3 3
  • Doesn't the ocean look beautiful? Have 15 Blue Color Essence from blue objects to match!
  • Have Shells (12x)
  • Have Goodwill (15x)
  • Click on blue objects around your house and 'Get Blue Essence'. You can do this at friends' houses too. Blue Essence will be consumed.
  • Ask friends if you don't have. You can also find Shells in your Vacation Home and in tide pools by using the action 'Look For Shells' (Bella has one)
  • Goodwill will be consumed
40 Lifetime Point Sign, 50 Simoleons, 40 Experience Point
Road Trip part4 4
  • Have Love (15x)
  • Send postcards from different mailboxes (8x)
  • Collect a post card from your mailbox in 24 hours
  • Love will be consumed
  • Visit 8 Sims and use their mailboxes to send postcards
  • After 24 hours check your mailbox and click 'Collect Postcard'
50 Lifetime Point Sign, 60 Simoleons, 50 Experience Point
Road Trip part5 5
  • Have furniture from the new Beach House range
  • Have Plans (15x)
  • Ask friends for help with your dreams of having a new vacation home in Littlehaven Shores
  • You do not need to buy nothing if you already bought your Vacation Home
  • Plans Will be consumed
  • Post a story to your news feed and have 6 friends click. Only 5 people can actually claim the reward from this new, you must wait 24 hours to post it again to get the last click
75 Lifetime Point Sign, 150 Simoleons, 75 Experience Point, Utopia Hammock

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