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Revenge Of The Simch is a limited time Christmas quest available from December 7 - 13, 2011. It is given by the seasonal character, The Simch.

Completing this quest will give you the Rockadeer as an award. This quest is easy to complete in the time given.

Quest Requirements

You will need the following items to complete the quest:

Minimum cost:

Quest Walkthrough

Image Part Description Notes Reward
Revenge of the Simch Step 1 1
  • Check 3 frozen furniture for anything unusual
  • Have 2 Fury (Do mean interactions)
  • Waft warm air on 3 ice furniture to melt it back
  • Visit Bella and click on her furniture, choose "Check Anything Unusual"
  • See Fury for how to collect, will be consumed
  • Click on furniture and choose "Waft Warm Air"
15 LP Lifetime Point Sign, 25 coins Simoleons, 15 XP Experience Point, 2 Energy Energ
Revenge of the Simch Step 2 2
  • Ask 3 different Sims where the Simch is
  • Research Simch homes on computer 5 times
  • Check 3 different fridges for Simches (Try your friends)
  • Click Sim and choose "Where's the Simch?"; positive interaction
  • Click computer and choose "Research Simches"
  • Click fridges and "Check For Simches"
25 LP Lifetime Point Sign, 50 coins Simoleons, 20 XP Experience Point, 25 SP Social Point
Revenge of the Simch Step 3 3
  • Be Inspired
  • Think about nice holiday gifts on 3 different sofas or armchairs
  • Deliver gifts to 5 different fridges
35 LP Lifetime Point Sign, 60 coins Simoleons, 30 XP Experience Point, 3 Energy Energ
Revenge of the Simch Step 4 4
  • Deliver a nice letter to Simch from 5 mailboxes
  • Phone the Simch to make him feel wanted
  • Have 8 Goodwill
  • Click mailboxes and choose "Deliver Letter To Simch"
  • Click on phone and choose "Hey There Simch"
  • See Goodwill for how to collect; will be consumed
45 LP Lifetime Point Sign, 50 SP Social Point, 40 XP Experience Point, 3 Energy Energ
Revenge of the Simch Step 5 5
  • Give gifts to 4 different Sims
  • Spread the Simch's season's greetings to 1 friend
  • Have 6 Holly Wreaths
  • Click Sim and choose "A Gift From The Simch!"; positive interaction
  • Post to news feed and have 1 friend click
  • See Holly Wreath for how to collect; will be consumed
75 LP Lifetime Point Sign, Rockadeer

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