Pooling Resources quest

Pooling Resources was a quest available from May 10 - 16, 2012 during Pool Week. It is given by the character Jared.

Completing this quest will award you with the Revive Mini Fridge.

Note: The quest box has a typo, claiming you will receive the Re-Lux RefreshMaster Mini Bar instead of the Revive Mini Fridge.

There is no time limit for this quest.


Quest Requirements
Number of Friends 0
Minimum Cost Simoleons 0 Social Point 0
Cost Breakdown N/A
Backpack Items Used See Ataraxia Leisure Pool for information on skill levels
Equipment Needed Beach House, Ataraxia Leisure Pool

Quest Walkthrough

Image Part Description Notes Reward
Pooling Resources feed 1
  • Unlock a Land Expansion in your Beach House
  • Clear your new Land Expansion then buy and place your new Swimming Pool in it
  • Complete your Swimming Pool to receive the exclusive Revive Mini Fridge
  • You can select any of the expansion plots, they're free
  • The Swimming Pool is free. Placing it anywhere will satisfy this step. (you do not need to place it in your beach house)
  • Complete all the building skill levels of the pool
Revive Mini Fridge

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