Love is in the air

Love Is In The Air is a limited time quest available during Valentine's Week from February 9 - 15, 2012. It is given by the characters Scarlett, Jessica and Eugene Hackett.

Completing this quest will award you a decorative item, the Amour Stuffed Pony.

Quest Requirements

You will need the following items to complete the quest:

Minimum cost: 158 Simoleons

  • 19 Simoleons to plant Watermelons (8x)

Quest Walkthrough

Image Part Description Notes Reward
Love is in the air step 1 1
  • Become Inspired
  • Ask your friends to send you a Valentine's Day card!
15 Lifetime Point Sign, 50 Simoleons, 10 Experience Point
Love is in the air step 2 2
  • Have 12 Love
  • Check Littlehaven social network profiles on a computer 3 times
  • Ask 5 other Sims if they are single
  • Love will be consumed
  • Click on a Computer and use action 'Check Profiles' three times
  • Visit 5 Sims and ask 'Are You Single?'
15 Lifetime Point Sign, 100 Simoleons, 15 Experience Point
Love is in the air step 3 3
  • Reprogram Lovebot 3 times
  • Phone Littlehaven FM 3 times
  • Carve Eugene's name in to 7 Sims bedposts
  • Visit Bella's house and use action 'Reprogram' on her Lovebot
  • Use a phone then click 'Vote For Eugene'
  • Visit 7 Sims and click on their beds, then 'Carve Eugene'
20 Lifetime Point Sign, 150 Simoleons, 15 Experience Point, 1 Energ
Love is in the air step 4 4
  • Have 10 Fruits to make the best batch of aphrodisiac
  • Grow and harvest 8 Watermelons
  • Have 15 Soapsuds
  • Fruit will be consumed
  • This task will take at least 24 hours if you plant 4 Watermelons every 12 hours
  • Soapsuds will be consumed
20 Lifetime Point Sign, 175 Simoleons, 15 Experience Point, 3 Energ
Love is in the air step 5 5
  • Ask 8 friends over to your house
  • Earn 500 simoleons from Skills
  • Mail bottles of aphrodisiac to Eugene in 24 hours
  • Hover over your friends list and click 'Invite Over' 8 Sims to your house. You can only have one neighbor over at your house at once
  • Earn 500 Simoleons by performing Skill actions on any Skill items
  • Wait 24 hours, then click on a Mailbox and 'Mail Bottles'
20 Lifetime Point Sign, 200 Simoleons, 20 Experience Point, Amour Stuffed Pony

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