Littlestocking Up is a limited time quest available from June 14th - June 21th, 2012 as a part of Flower Power Week. It is given by the character Daisy.

Completing this quest will award you with the Gaia Happy Mr Mole plushie decoration.

Quest Requirements
Number of Friends 3
Minimum Cost Simoleons 1,000 Social Point 0
Cost Breakdown Buy 2 SimPhonic Park LP Player for 500 Simoleons each
Backpack Items Used 4 Love (Items), 4 Orange Flower, 5 Peace
Equipment Needed Blossom Combivan, Music Skill item

Quest Walkthrough

Image Part Description Notes Reward
LittlestockingUp1 1
  • Have a Blossom Combivan
  • Visit Bella's house and click the Blossom Combivan, then 'Enjoy Good Vibes, Man' (2x)
  • Have 4 Love
  • Click Shop and get one for Free
  • Collect love from doing romantic actions
15 Lifetime Point Sign, 20 Simoleons, 10 Experience Point, 1 Bouquet
LittlestockingUp2 2
  • Click Music Skill item then 'Check Acoustics' (5x)
  • Click a Sim then 'Ask for Help' (5x)
  • Click your mailbox in 2 hours then 'Collect Acoustic Monthly Magazine'
  • Use any music instrument
  • Visit other Sims
20 Lifetime Point Sign, 30 Simoleons, 15 Experience Point, 1 Bouquet
LittlestockingUp3 3
  • Buy 3 Furniture and/or decoration items from the NEW range
  • Have Orange Flowers (4x)
  • Go to Bella's and click on the bongos then 'Try a Beat' (5x)
  • Click the 'Special' tab in the shop for new items - the Blossom Combivan counts as the first item so you only need to buy 2 items
  • Request from friends or plant 4 in garden plots (take 24 hours to grow)
  • Visit Bella's house and use bongos
20 Lifetime Point Sign, 40 Simoleons, 15 Experience Point, 1 Butterfly(Item)
LittlestockingUp4 4
  • Earn 900 simoleons by performing Music Skill actions
  • Plant & Harvest 7 Red Flower
  • Give a Gaia Spirit Tree a 'Hug!' (3x)
  • Use music instruments in your house
  • Use Garden Plots to plant flowers, each takes 15 minutes to grow.
  • Use the tree at Bella's house
20 Lifetime Point Sign, 60Simoleons, 20 Experience Point, 1 Peace
LittlestockingUp5 5
  • Have Peace (5x)
  • Click 3 Sims then 'Give Littlestock Flyer'
  • Post a feed and get 2 friends to click it
  • Post news feed to have friends click
  • Visit other sims
  • Post story to news feed and have friends click
10 Social Point, 25Lifetime Point Sign, 15 Experience Point, Gaia Happy Mr Mole

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