Le Café Grande Patisserie
Le Cafe Grand Patisserie
Shop Category: Skill
Need to Construct: Nothing
Type: Cooking Skill item
Size: 3 x 2

The Le Café Grande Patisserie is a type of cooking skill Project Item that was added during Paris Week in February 2012. Purchasing this item and doing one skill on it is part of the A Fresh Start quest.

This item is no longer available for purchase in the shop.

As you master each skill tier, an image of the pastry you learned appears on the Patisserie shelves. There are 14 pastries that can appear.

If you complete all skill levels within 14 days of this item being purchased, you will be awarded with the Arrigo Coffee Machine, another Cooking Skill item.

This item is no longer available in the shop.

Completing all the skill levels on this item will give your Sim an additional 31 cooking skill levels.


The first day that this item was released, all the skill levels were available to view and unlock in any sequence. This was changed the next day by the programmers so that you must complete each skill level in order. Players who had all the items for the last level and were able to unlock and complete all three tiers of "Prepare Macaroons" the first day were awarded the coffee machine and got to keep it.

If you completed / unlocked levels out of sequence before the change happened, your progress is still recorded. For example, if you unlocked "Prepare Pain au Chocolat" before unlocking "Prepare Pain aux Raisins", when you unlock and complete "Prepare Pain aux Raisins" you will automatically have "Prepare Pain au Chocolate" unlocked along with any energy you expended to complete the bars.

Item Interactions

At Home

Interaction Cost Effect / Reward Possible Drops Requirements
Prepare 0 Energ Opens up Skill Level panel (see Skill Levels) Bowl of Flour, Egg, Pastry None

Visiting Friends

Interaction Cost Effect / Reward Possible Drops Requirements
Prepare Petits fours 1 Energ 9 Simoleons; Leaves 20 Simoleons for friend None None
Prepare Canneles 1 Energ 9 Simoleons; Leaves 20 Simoleons for friend None Friendly Relationship with Sim
Prepare Feuilletes poire-chocolat 1 Energ 9 Simoleons; Leaves 20 Simoleons for friend None Romantic Relationship with Sim
Add chilli 1 Energ 2 Social Point Fury (Items) Mean Relationship with Sim

Skill Levels

Recipe Level Req. Requirements # Actions Profit Image
Prepare Croissant 0 None 10 19
Prepare Croissant
Prepare Pain aux Raisins Level 1 Prepare Croissant 3 Egg, 5 Butter pat, 5 Pastry 10 21
Prepare Pain aux Raisins
Prepare Pain au Chocolat Level 1 Prepare Pain aux Raisins 2 Chocolate, 2 Muse (Items) 10 20
Prepare Pain au Chocolat
Prepare Pain D'Espagne Level 1 Prepare Pain au Chocolat 5 Pastry, 3 Fruit, 5 Spoonful of sugar 10 + 10 22
Prepare Pain D'Espagne
Prepare Brioche Level 2 Prepare Pain D'Espagne 5 Butter pat, 5 Spoonful of sugar, 3 Bowl of Flour, 6 Muse (Items) 10 + 10 23
Prepare Brioche
Prepare Creme Brulee Level 2 Prepare Brioche 7 Bowl of Flour, 5 Mixing Bowl (Items), 5 Milk, 6 Egg 10 + 10 24
Prepare Creme Brulee
Prepare Eclairs au chocolat Level 2 Prepare Creme Brulee 4 Chocolate, 5 Vanilla, 5 Pastry, 7 Love (Items) 10 + 10 25
Prepare Eclairs au chocolat
Prepare Tarte Tatin Level 2 Prepare Eclairs au chocolat 10 Butter pat, 7 Spoonful of sugar, 8 Egg, 7 Muse (Items) 10 + 15 25
Prepare Tarte Tatin
Prepare Profiteroles Level 2 Prepare Tarte Tatin 5 Chocolate, 4 Bowl of Flour, 10 Egg, 10 Love (Items) 10 + 15 + 15 25
Prepare Profiteroles
Prepare Eclairs au Chantilly Level 3 Prepare Profiteroles 4 Fruit, 5 Vanilla, 5 Almond, 8 Muse (Items) 10 + 15 + 15 25
Prepare Eclairs au Chantilly
Prepare Gateau au chocolat Level 3 Prepare Eclairs au Chantilly 5 Chocolate, 7 Almond, 7 Milk, 8 Relaxation (Items) 10 + 15 + 15 26
Prepare Gateau au chocolat
Prepare Mousse aux Fruits Level 3 Prepare Gateau au chocolat 8 Pastry, 7 Fruit, 10 Mixing Bowl (Items) 10 + 15 + 15 27
Prepare Mousee aux Fruits
Prepare Tres Leches Level 3 Prepare Mousse aux Fruits 10 Vanilla, 15 Bowl of Flour, 14 Milk, 14 Egg 10 + 20 + 20 28
Prepare Tres Leches
Prepare Macaroons Level 3 Prepare Tres Leches 14 Vanilla, 10 Almond, 14 Spoonful of sugar, 12 Buzz (Items) 10 + 20 + 20 32
Prepare Macaroons

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  • The Patisserie currently offers the most Cooking Skill levels that can be earned in the game (31 levels).

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