Zimantz LCD 32

Zimantz LCD 32

Large Electronics can be found in Electronics, under the Buy Section of the Shop.

Furniture Cost House Improvement
Llamark Igloo 350Simoleons 225 House Value
Liebefunkenmann SS-10 400 Simoleons 50 House Value
Lucid T90 14 SimCash 2050 House Value
Stere-Whoah! 900 Simoleons 825 House Value
Liebefunkenmann SS-30 900 Simoleons 825 House Value
Llamark Chillblast Polar 1250 Simoleons 1350 House Value
Quarter Back Arcade 1500 Simoleons 1550 House Value
Llamark Chillblast Fall 2000 Simoleons 1725 House Value
Zimantz Wide-Eye 32 1500 Simoleons 1725 House Value
Zimantz LCD 32 6800 Simoleons 10 Wrench, 10 Entertaiment, 15 Plans, 10 Bling 4800 House Value
Agetha Ballerina Egg 19050 House Value

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