Its a date

It's A Date is a limited time quest available during from November 23 - 29, 2011 during Pink Paradise week. This quest is given by the character Scarlett.

Completing this quest will give you the Mr. Clockwork as an award.

Quest Requirements

You will need the following items to complete the quest:

Minimum cost: 400 Simoleons

Quest Walkthrough

Image Part Description Notes Reward
It's a Date Part 1 1
  • Become inspired
  • Ask 3 unique Sims what on earth grodie means
  • Have 3 Muse
  • See Needs and Inspiration for help with inspiration
  • Click Sim and choose "What's Grodie?"
  • Muse will be consumed
15 LP Lifetime Point Sign, 30 coins Simoleons, 15 XP Experience Point, 2 Energy Energ
It's A Date Part 2 2
  • Have 4 Plans
  • Click computer 5 times to trademark the name Perfect Date Company
  • Design Company Logo 5 times
  • Plans will be consumed
  • Click computer, choose "Trademark Company Name"
  • Click an easel and choose "Design Company Logo"
15 LP Lifetime Point Sign, 40 coins Simoleons, 15 XP Experience Point
It's A Date Part 3 3
  • Click stereo and dance with 4 unique Sims
  • Design the perfect setting for the musical couple's date by HAVING 2 decoration items from the Girly Collection
  • Play any type of piece on the grand piano 4 times
  • Visit 4 friends with stereos and choose "Dance Together"
  • Must be in the shop DECORATION section - cheapest item is InThePink Jo (pink lamp)
  • Visit Bella, cilck piano and choose any option BUT "Play Sims Know How to Party"
25 LP Lifetime Point Sign, 50 coins Simoleons, 20 XP Experience Point, 25 SP Social Point
It's A Date Part 4 4
  • Have 4 Delicious Morsels
  • Have 6 Mixing Bowls
  • Prepare a meal 4 times
  • Delicious Morsels will be consumed
  • Mixing Bowls will be consumed
  • Any "Cater a Meal.." option will work
35 LP Lifetime Point Sign, 60 coins Simoleons, 30 XP Experience Point, 3 Energy Energ
It's A Date Part 5 5
  • Ask 5 unique Sims if they will go to the prom with you
  • Wash 5 times
  • Compose music 5 times
  • Visit 5 friends and "Invite to Prom" (Positive reaction)
  • Click a sink and choose "Wash" (consumes energy)
  • Any "Compose..." action will work
InThePink Beauty unlocked 45 LP Lifetime Point Sign, 75 coins Simoleons, 40 XP Experience Point
It's A Date Part 6 6
  • Add one new neighbor
  • Check appearance 5 times on fancy dressing table
  • Have 10 Bling
  • If you already have a neighbor, just save, exit and reload
  • You can use the table at Bella's house, will be bored of action after 2 tries
  • Bling will be consumed
60 LP Lifetime Point Sign, 80 coins Simoleons, 60 XP Experience Point
It's A Date Part 7 7
  • Ask 3 friends to toast your way business geniusness
  • Gush to 5 unique Sims about the good news
  • Have 10 Dreams
  • Post to news feed and have 3 friends click
  • Visit friend, choose "Gush About News" (positive reaction)
  • Dreams will be consumed
75 LP Lifetime Point Sign, 75 SP Social Point, 250 coins Simoleons, 75 XP Experience Point, Mr. Clockwork

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