Inspired BFFs
Inspired BFFs is a type of Relationship your Sim can have with another Sim. It was previously known as "BFFs+" when the game began. You will need to send a Facebook confirmation in order to be Inspired BFFs with someone else's Sim.

This is the highest friendly relationship you can achieve. It is also the most difficult friendly relationship to maintain because it degrades so quickly. Unless you are logging in and doing friendly interactions with this Sim every few hours, this relationship will degrade. It is possible to keep this up; just keep in mind that it will take a lot of time and effort.

How to Get

The only way to become Inspired BFFs is to do friendly social interactions with BFFs that keep moving your relationship bar to the right. Once you have passed the threshold, you will be prompted to send a request to be Inspired BFFs with another Sim. You won't be Inspired BFFs until the other person accepts this relationship. Doing more friendly interactions while waiting for this confirmation will not raise your relationship any higher.

Note that if you do mean interactions to lower your bar you will become Ex-Friends instead of just BFFs.

Object Interactions

To see a list of objects with social interactions unlocked by being Inspired BFFs, see Inspired BFFs Interactions.

Social Interactions

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By default you will begin with Friendly interactions.

The following social interactions are unlocked by being Friends:

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  • Chat
  • Flirt (Brings up the following romantic interactions below)
    • Be Suggestive
  • Insult (Brings up the following mean interactions below)
    • Apologise

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