Holiday Tales Part 3: Ebenezer Smooge is a limited time Christmas quest available from December 14 - 20, 2011. It is given by the seasonal character the Handyman.

Completing this quest will give you a decorative dog doll, Bernard as an award. This quest is easy to complete in the time given.

Quest Requirements

You will need the following items to complete the quest:

Minimum cost: 850 Simoleons (Female), 1250 Simoleons (Male), or 250 Simoleons + 300 Social Point (Female & Male)

  • 250 Simoleons for Marguerite Containers
  • 600 Simoleons for Cherry Winter Bow (Female) or 300 Social Point for Jinx Turkeyhat
  • 1000 Simoleons for Smokey Room Pants (Male) or 300 Social Point for Jink Turkeyhat

Quest Walkthrough

Image Part Description Notes Reward
HT3 Ebenezer Smooge Step 1 1
  • Have an item from the Victorian Range (check for the NEW stamp)
  • Yell 'Bah Humbug' at 2 Sims
  • Have 5 Fury
  • Cheapest item is the Marguerite Containers
  • Visit Sim and choose "Bah Humbug"; negative social action
  • Will be consumed
20 LP Lifetime Point Sign, 150 coins Simoleons, 10 XP Experience Point, 25 SP Social Point
HT3 Ebenezer Smooge Step 2 2
  • Write 3 love letters
  • Try to kiss 3 Sims
  • Read 3 rejection letters
  • Click computer, choose "Write Love Letter"
  • Visit Sim and choose "Try to Kiss"; negative social action
  • Click mailbox, choose "Read Rejection Letter"
30 LP Lifetime Point Sign, 175 coins Simoleons, 20 XP Experience Point, 40 SP Social Point
HT3 Ebenezer Smooge Step 3 3
  • Ask friends if they're going to be holding any parties over the holiday period (hint hint) (3x)
  • Check email new invitations (3x)
  • Go to bed alone
  • Post a story to news feed and have 3 friends click
  • Click computer, choose "Check Email for Invitations"
  • Click bed and choose "Sleep"
50 LP Lifetime Point Sign, 175 coins Simoleons, 30 XP Experience Point, 3 Energy Energ
HT3 Ebenezer Smooge Step 4 4
  • Check your voicemail and find you've had no calls (3x)
  • Repair or clean 3 items around your home (3x)
  • Read the obituaries (3x)
  • Click phone and "Check Voicemail"
  • Only items in your house will count
  • Click computer, choose "Read Obituaries"
60 LP Lifetime Point Sign, 200 coins Simoleons, 30 XP Experience Point, 1 Energy Energ
HT3 Ebenezer Smooge Step 5 5
  • Become inspired
  • Have 1 item of clothing from this week's NEW range
  • GIve 5 Sims a festive hug (5x)
  • See Needs and Inspiration for how to get inspired
  • See minimum cost area above for cheapest items
  • Click Sim, choose "Give Festive Hug"; positive social action
65 LP Lifetime Point Sign, 225 coins Simoleons, 50 XP Experience Point, 50 SP Social Point
HT3 Ebenezer Smooge Step 6 6
  • Have 6 Goodwill
  • Give 6 different Sims a holiday gift (6x)
  • Play holiday songs on instruments 5 times (5x)
  • Goodwill will be consumed
  • Visit Sim, choose "Give Holiday Gift"
  • Click keyboards, choose "Play Holiday Song"; not available for guitars
Bernard, 75 LP Lifetime Point Sign, 250 coins Simoleons, 75 XP Experience Point, 75 Social Point

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