High Quality Hybid Questline
High Quality Hybrid is a 2 Part mini quest available from April 25 - May 8, 2013. It is given by the character Buddy.

Quest Walkthrough

Image   Part Description   Notes   Reward  
  • Visit the Prius Family Showroom;
  • Read the Prius Safety Handbook (interact with pamphlet stand)
10 Lifetime Point Sign, 20 Simoleons, 10 Experience Point
  • Ask Jan for a T-Shirt;
  • View Prius Interior;
  • Take Prius for a Test Drive
1 Futuristic Aquarium

News Feed Stories

The below stories can be published to your news feed by using this object.

Action   Publication   Reward  
Finish Stage 1
High Quality Hybid 1
Goodwill (Items)
Finish Stage 2
High Quality Hybid 2

Screenshot of Toyata Prius Interior

Toyota Prius Interior

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