Glamour (Item)
Maximum Allowed
Request By
Request Individually from Friends
Drops from
Objects: Yes
Socialization: No
Other: Yes
Used for
Quests: Yes
Skills: Yes
Other: Yes

Glamour is a type of backpack item. You can have a maximum of 15 of these.

This first appeared as part of the craftable item Golden Thimble during Country & Western Week as a teaser for the upcoming Sim In The City Week.

How to Get

  • Request individually from friends
  • Clear newspapers from around your Penthouse for a chance to collect
  • Do skill actions on any keyboard (a bug may be preventing this from working)
  • Drop on ColleXion Dressing Room interaction (Add Lipstick)
  • Have friends 'Admire Self' in the ColleXion Dressing Room and post a news feed - reward is 1 glamour



Glamour is used in the following quests:


Regular Skills

Special Skills


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