Ghost Town quest
Ghost Town is a multi-part seasonal quest that was available during Ultimate Horror Movie week in October 2011. This quest is given partly by the characters Bella and the Handyman.

Completing this quest unlocks and rewards you with the MSS Hoojamaflip.

Quest Requirements

You will need the following items to complete the quest:

Minimum cost: 4600 Simoleons

Quest Walkthrough

Part Description Notes Reward
  • Buy the haunted mirror
  • Use the mirror to practice your zombie dance for Halloween (x5)
  • Say handyman in front of the mirror 3 times in a row
  • Haunted Mirror is sold in the decorative section of the shop for 600 coins
  • Place mirror then choose "Practice Zombie Dance"
  • Click mirror and choose "Say Handyman"
15 Lifetime Point Sign, 30 Simoleons, 15 Experience Point
  • Ask other Sims if your house was built on a burial ground or something (3x)
  • Ask friends if they can help you with Halloween riddles
  • Have Dusters (3x)
  • Click Sims and "Ask About Home"
  • Post a news feed story and have one friend click
  • Collect dusters from cleaning actions
15 Lifetime Point Sign, 15 Experience Point, 10 Social Point
  • Haunted TV is in the electronics section of the shop for 1500 coins
  • Witches Hats are a random drop from using Haunted Skill items, or can request from friends
  • Click tv and choose "Contact the Witch"
15 Lifetime Point Sign, 30 Simoleons, 20 Experience Point
  • Ask friends to Watch their TV's for the Watched Witch
  • Have Toads (5x)
  • Watch the Watched Witch on your TV (try saying that fast)
  • Post a new feed story and have two friends click
  • Collect Toads by photographing Halloween items in your yard, watching Horror movies, or trimming Halloween plants
  • Click tv and "Watch the Witch"
20 Lifetime Point Sign, 30 Experience Point, 3 Energ
  • Have the haunted desk
  • Share the scare, ask for fear from your friends!
  • Write something creepy on the haunted desk (x5)
  • Haunted Desk is for sale under skill items for 2500 coins
  • Post a new feed story and have three friends click
  • Click desk and choose "Repeat: All Work and No Play..."
20 Lifetime Point Sign, 30 Experience Point, 15 Social Point
  • Have Fury... it's the only language Snarls Dickens understands
  • Contact Snarls Dickens through the haunted desk (x10)
  • Finish Snarls Dickens' novel on the haunted desk (x5)
  • Collect Fury through mean interactions
  • Click desk and choose "Is There Anybody There?"
  • Click desk and choose "FInish Snarls' Novel"
25 Lifetime Point Sign, 30 Experience Point, 3 Energ
  • Search for the Handyman's Lost Remains (10x)
  • Search for the Handyman's Shallow Grave (3x)
  • Get some safety in numbers (Add 3 neighbors)
  • Collect Skulls by using the Haunted Writing desk or by asking friends
  • Click on Halloween items in your house or friends' homes
  • Have 3 neighbors - save and exit if you already have 3 neighbors and this requirement will be checked off
50 Lifetime Point Sign, 150 Simoleons, 50 Experience Point, MSS Hoojamaflip

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