Gaia BikerBlossom
Gaia BikerBlossom
Shop Category: Outdoor
Need to Construct: Complete all Skill Levels on Blossom Combivan
Type: Outdoor Decoration
Size: 2 x 1

The Gaia BikerBlossom is a type of reward object. You receive this item by completing all the skill levels on the Blossom Combivan item. It was added during Flower Power Week in June 2012.

This item drops rare collectibles and energy, and can be used every four hours. Placing the item into your storage resets the 4 hour timer.

This item, like the Quick Karma Machine, breaks after several uses and must be repaired with Backpack Items. It also becomes dirty and must be cleaned, similar to bathroom and kitchen objects.

Item Interactions

At Home

Interaction Cost Effect / Reward Possible Drops Requirements
Explore 1 Energ Fulfills Fun need Energ, Experience Point, Muse (Items),Peace, Simoleons, Vanilla Wait 4 Hours
Clean 1 Energ Cleans Item Cloth (Items), Duster, Rubber Glove Item is dirty
Repair 6 Flower Petals, 4 Red Flower, 4 Love (Items) Repairs bike Dunkin' Donuts Boost (2), Hammer (Items), Nails (Items), Power Drill, Saw(Item), Screws, Wrench (Items) Item must be broken

Visiting Friends

Your Sim cannot interact with this item while visiting neighbors.


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