G King Counter
G king counter
Shop Category: Skill & Kitchen
Need to Construct: 8 Hope, 20 Plans (Items), 20 Love (Items), 15 Bling (Items), 15 Saute Pan (Items)
Type: Cooking Skill item
Size: 2 x 2

The G King Counter is a type of cooking skill object added during the Country Kitchen theme week in September 2011. There is no level requirement to buy this item. It is available in the shop under both the skills and kitchen categories.

Completing all the skill levels on this item will give your Sim an additional 20 cooking skill levels.

Item Interactions

At Home

Interaction Cost Effect / Reward Possible Drops Requirements
Cater... 0 Energ Opens up Skill Level panel (see Skill Levels) Plans (Items), Hammer (Items), Nails (Items), Wrench (Items), Music Mixes None
Clean 1 Energ Cleans object Cloth (Items), Duster, Rubber Glove None
Repair 1 Energ Repairs object Dunkin' Donuts Boost (2), Hammer (Items), Nails (Items), Power Drill, Saw(Item), Screws, Wrench (Items) None

Visiting Friends

Interaction Cost Effect / Reward Possible Drops Requirements
Serve Waldorf Salad 1 Energ Fulfills +1 Hunger and Social need None
Serve Strawberry Jam 1 Energ Fulfills +1 Social need None

Skill Levels

Recipe Level Req. Requirements # Actions Profit Image
Make Salad Dressing 0 None 20 26
Make Salad Dressing
Make Salad Nicoise 7 5 Herbs (Items), 9 Plans (Items) 20 27
Make Salade Nicoise
Make Raspberry Jam 15 10 Muse (Items), 9 Plans (Items), 3 Fruit 20 28
Make Raspberry Jam
Pickle Guerkins 30 3 Herbs (Items), 9 Plans (Items), 5 Fury (Items), 3 Veggies 20 29
Pickle Guerkins
Make Waldorf Salad 50 5 Herbs (Items), 9 Plans (Items), 10 Cheese (Items) 20 + 20 30
Make Waldorf Salad
Pickle Onions 75 10 Herbs (Items), 9 Plans (Items), 12 Fury (Items) 20 + 20 31
Pickle Onions
Make Apple Pie 97 4 Herbs (Items), 9 Plans (Items), 10 Nutty Snack Bar, 5 Love (Items) 20 + 20 + 20 32
Make Apple Pie
Press Olive Oil 115 6 Herbs (Items), 9 Plans (Items), 10 Mixing Bowl (Items), 10 Muse (Items) 20 + 20 + 20 33
Press Olive Oil
Make Strawberry Jam 120 8 Herbs (Items), 9 Plans (Items), 10 Mixing Bowl (Items), 5 Fruit 20+ 20 + 20 34
Make Strawberry Jam
Make Pumpkin Pie 125 10 Herbs (Items), 9 Plans (Items), 5 Veggies, 5 Spice 20 + 20 + 20 35
Make Pumpkin Pie


  • This item cost the most Social Points in the game. It also requires more Herbs than any other skill items. (51)
  • Initially the G King Counter required 15 Sauce Pans to build it, but then EA decided to delete this item and replace it with 15 Saute Pans.


News Feed Stories

The below stories can be published to your news feed by using this object.

Action Publication Reward
Finish Building G King Counter feed 1 Bling (Items)
Serve Strawberry Jam Jam 5Social Point

Serve Waldorf Salad

Salad 5Social Point
Serve Pickled Onions (Mean) Onion 5Social Point
Serve Apple Pie (Romantic) Pie 1Nutty Snack Bar

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