Fury (Items)
Maximum Allowed
Request By
Send individual requests
Drops from
Objects: Yes
Socialization: Yes
Other: No
Used for
Quests: Yes
Skills: Yes
Other: Yes

Fury is a type of backpack item. You can have a maximum of 35 of these.

How to Get

  • Request from friends individually.
  • Drops from Athletic Skill interactions with the Mr Fitt's SimZum Mat.
  • Drops from Art Skill interactions with the Lonely Mermaid Sculpture.
  • Drops from Cooking Skill levels with the word "Burnt" in them (eg, Burnt Hamburger, Burnt Coffee...).
  • Drops from the 'Forge Break-Up Note' action on a Forget-Me-Not Writing Desk (mean relationship required).
  • Send/Receive as a free gift from friends.
  • Do mean social interactions when visiting other Sims.
  • Do the friendly interactions "Giggle Together", "Chew the Fat", or "Gossip" when visiting other Sims.
  • Do the 'Play For Fun' action on a guitar.
  • Do the 'Bad Flytrap!' action on a Wonderland Cowplant.
  • Kick the trash can at your house.
  • Collect from news feed posts about mean interactions (for example):
    • 'Raise Troll Face' action post from Flagged Up Pole
    • 'Mess Up Bed' action post from any bed
    • 'Write note of appreciation' from any typewriter



Fury is used in the following quests:


Regular Skills

Special Skills


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