Fantasy Pool quest

Fantasy Pool was a quest available from Pool Week. It follows the quest Pooling Resources. It is given by the character Jared. There is no time limit for this quest.

NOTE: Some reports of an Error 3011 when resuming build on the pool after the Pooling Resources quest. If this happens to you, try to complete all of the swiming skills first and this should resolve the issue.


Quest Requirements
Number of Friends 0
Minimum Cost Simoleons 0 Social Point 0
Cost Breakdown N/A
Backpack Items Used See Ataraxia Leisure Pool for information on skill levels
Equipment Needed Ataraxia Leisure Pool

Quest Walkthrough

Image Part Description Notes Reward
Fantasy Pool 1
  • Upgrade your Swimming Pool
  • Complete all the upgrading skill levels of the pool
100 Experience Point, 500 Simoleons, 100 Lifetime Point Sign, Bahama Lovers

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