Electric Dreams is a multi-part quest that is given by the character Mike. There are six parts to this quest, and you can earn six achievements from it.

Quest Requirements

You will need the following items to complete the quest:

  • 5 Friends with electronic items
  • 3 Electronics in your home
  • Bookshelf
  • 1 Dreams Dreams (Items)
  • 3 Plans Plans (Items)

Minimum cost: 700 Simoleons

Quest Walkthrough

Achievement Part Description Notes Reward
The Tinkerer 1
  • Tinker with 3 different pieces of electronics in your home
  • Brag about your new found intelligence to 3 friends
  • Electronics include: TVs, Microwaves, Fridges
  • Need 2 Friends + Bella
30 Lifetime Point Sign, 30 Simoleons, 20 Experience Point
The Mechanical Bookworm 2
  • Have a bookshelf
  • Ask two other Sims for History Books
  • Ask two other Sims for Fiction Books
  • See list of Bookshelves
  • Need 1 Friend + Bella, choose "Ask for History Book" and "Ask for Fiction Book"
50 Lifetime Point Sign, 40 Simoleons, 40 Experience Point

Manual Labor

  • Read manual on bookshelf (3x)
  • Sleep
  • Have 1 Dream
  • Click on bookshelf and choose "Read Manual"
  • Sleep in bed
  • Consumes 1 Dream
30 Lifetime Point Sign, 30 Simoleons, 20 Experience Point, 1 Plans (Items)
Electroh No! 4
  • Tinker with electronics at other Sim’s homes (5x)
  • Fix 1 broken item
  • Click item and choose "Tinker"
  • Broken item at home or friend's is find
30 Lifetime Point Sign, 30 Simoleons, 20 Experience Point
Refer Madness 5
  • Apply for certification
  • Get 5 referrals from friendly Sims
  • Have 3 Plans
  • Click mailbox, choose "Apply for Certificate"
  • Visit 5 friends
  • Plans will be consumed
50 Lifetime Point Sign, 30 Experience Point, 1 Hope
Snail Mail?! 6
  • Check mail after 1 day
  • Perform mean interaction (7x)
  • Will lower relationship with Sims
50 Lifetime Point Sign, 40 Experience Point, Wall Plaque

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