Earthling what Is...Woohoo
Earthling, what is... Woohoo? is a limited time quest available during the Sci Fi Week in November 16 - 20, 2011. This quest is given by the limited time character, the Alien.

Completing this quest will give you the Nice Cold refrigerator as an award.

Quest Requirements

You will need the following items to complete the quest:

Minimum cost: 2500 Simoleons (for Female Sim) or 2400 (for Male Sim)

Quest Walkthrough

Image Part Description Notes Reward
Earthling quest 1 1
  • Delete Gossip (5x)
  • Ask Sims to vouch for you (2x)
  • Have 6 Goodwill
  • Use a computer and "Delete Gossip"
  • Visit friends that you are friends with and ask "Vouch for Me"
  • Goodwill will be consumed
15 Lifetime Point Sign, 30 Simoleons, 15 Experience Point, 2 Energ
Earthling quest 2 2
  • Have 10 Hammers
  • Research Translator Doobries
  • Buy Universal Translator Doobrie
  • Hammers will be consumed
  • Click bookshelf and choose "Research Translator Doobries"
  • Buy visor in the Clothes section, either under head or in the Specials area
15 Lifetime Point Sign, 30 Simoleons, 15 Experience Point
Earthling quest 3 3
  • Have 4 clothes from the new sci fi collection (4x)
  • Have 3 sci-fi items from the shop (3x)
  • Use the new Hygenix Ocean
  • The visor from previous step counts; buy 3 more items in the clothes area under Specials
  • Any new item from the shop works
  • Visit Bella and choose one of the energy-consuming choices
25 Lifetime Point Sign, 150 Simoleons, 20 Experience Point
Earthling quest 4 4
  • Show the alien what being friendly to other Sims means (4x)
  • Show the alien what being mean to other Sims means (4x)
  • Show the alien what flirting means (4x)
  • Do friendly, mean, and flirty interactions with Sims. You will get only one friendly interaction, 1 mean interaction, and one flirty interaction for one friend, so you will have to visit a minimum of 4 friends.
30 Lifetime Point Sign, 150 Social Point, 30 Experience Point
Earthling quest 5 5
  • Have 12 Alien Fury by chatting to electronics (12x)
  • Have 12 Alien Love by chatting to electronics (12x)
  • Put on your Universal Translator Doobrie and try communicating with other Sims. Try not to feel silly. (5x)
  • The drop rate for chatting with electronic items seems to be around 50%. It is random whether Alien Love or Alien Fury is dropped
  • Visit Sims and choose "Communcate Electronically"
30 Lifetime Point Sign, 70 Simoleons, 30 Experience Point, 3 Energ
Earthling quest 6 6
  • Research Alien Probing (10x)
  • Ask friends if they've been probed (3x)
  • Check if been probed (6x)
  • Use computer to "Research Alien Probing"
  • Post a story to your newsfeed and have 3 friends click it
  • Visit 6 friends and choose "Check if Probed"
50 Lifetime Point Sign, 150 Simoleons, 60 Experience Point, 75 Social Point
Earthling quest 7 7
  • Check the Stars (10x)
  • Add 3 New Neighbors (3x)
  • Ask for Galactic Directions (6x)
  • Use telescope, choose "Check the Stars"
  • If you already have 3 neighbors, save and exit and this will be checked off
  • Visit Sims and choose "Ask for Galactic Directions"
Nice Cold

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