Delusions of Grandeur

Delusions of Grandeur is a limited time quest available from January 26 - 31, 2012 during Marie Antoinette Week. It is given by the characters Bella Goth and Madame Pomposim.

This quest was difficult to finish, because of several things: 1) it is hard to get 6 different dirty things in your house and find 3 dirty things in friend's homes because they are all cleaning for the quest, 2) The "Bow" / "Curtsey" social action does not come up very often when talking to neighbors, and 3) You need a lot of neighbors, as well as several active neighbors to help you out.

Completing this quest will award you the doll Petite Belle Jeanne, which is a requirement for the A Very Shy Belle! limited time quest.

Quest Requirements

You will need the following items to complete the quest:

  • Bella + 8 Friends (3 actively clicking feeds)
  • A Computer
  • 10 Bling Bling (Items)
  • 12 Relaxation Relaxation (Items)
  • Lots of dirty items, both at your house and at friend's houses

Minimum cost: 900 Simoleons, 1000 Social Point

  • 900 Simoleons for Louis Flamingo (Outdoor section)
  • 1000 Social Point for Gateau Wig

Quest Walkthrough

Image Part Description Notes Reward
Delusions of Grandeur Step 1 1
  • Tidy up! Clean or polish 6 items around your home (6x)
  • Practice blowing a kiss (3x)
  • Practice playing the harp. Try Bella's (5x)
  • The "Polish" interaction does not appear; you will have to clean 6 DIFFERENT items in your own home. Keep 3 items dirty or broken for the last step of this quest.
  • Click Sim and choose 'Practice Air Kissing'; positive action
  • Click harp and choose 'Practice'
15 Lifetime Point Sign, 30 Simoleons, 10 Experience Point
Delusions of Grandeur Step 2 2
  • Tell Sims to expect a royal visit soon (5x)
  • Have relaxation (12x)
  • Clean or polish friend's items (3x)
  • Click Sim and choose 'Expect royal visit;' positive action
  • Relaxation will be consumed
  • Any dirty item works at a friend's house
15 Lifetime Point Sign, 50 Simoleons, 10 Experience Point, 20 Social Point
Delusions of Grandeur Step 3 3
  • Have Bling (10x)
  • Have new items from this week's NEW theme
  • I need a maid! (3x)
15 Lifetime Point Sign, 100 Simoleons, 15 Experience Point, 30 Social Point
Delusions of Grandeur Step 4 4
  • Have a wig from this week's NEW theme
  • Wearing wig, bow or curtsey to sims (6x)
  • Learn to speak proper (take elocution lessons on the computer) (10x)
  • Only one wig choice that doesn't cost SimCash, see above under minimum costs.
  • Click Sim and choose "Bow" (Male) or "Curtsey" (Female); positive action. It will not always appear, and can take many tries to get with some Sims.
  • Use a computer, choose "Take elocution class."
20 Lifetime Point Sign, 120 Simoleons, 20 Experience Point, 30 Social Point
Delusions of Grandeur Step 5 5
  • Tell Sims that you only eat cake now (8x)
  • Remove bread from Sim's fridges (8x)
  • Tell friends that you don't mix with commoners (3x)
  • Click Sim, choose "I only eat cake now"; positive action but brings up Mean actions afterward.
  • Click fridge, "Remove Bread" - no social penalty for this
  • Post story to news feed and have 3 friends click.
25 Lifetime Point Sign, 150 Simoleons, 20 Experience Point, 2 Energ
Delusions of Grandeur Step 6 6
  • Have 3 dirty or broken items in your house
  • Warn Sims against being taken in by Madame de Pomposim (9x)
  • Paint a moustache on Madame Pomposim's painting (try Bella's house)
  • Any combination of the two types works
  • Click Sim and choose 'Warn'; positive social action
  • Click painting in Bella's bedroom and choose "Paint Moustache"
200 Simoleons, 40 Experience Point, 3 Energ, Petite Belle Jeanne

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