Chimeway Emperor
Chimeway Emperor
Shop Category: Skill
Need to Construct: 5 Entertainment (Items), 10 Muse (Items), 8 Love (Items), 8 Metronome, 8 Sheet Music
Type: Music Skill item,
Size: 2 x 3

The Chimeway Emperor is a type of Piano Music Skill item.

This item was added during Pink Paradise Week in November 2011.

Completing all the skill levels on this item will give your Sim an additional 22 music skill levels. The same music skill levels can be found on the SimCash item, the Chimeway Princess.

You must have a Music skill level of 15 to buy this item. You do not need to own any SimCash items to complete all levels on this instrument.

Item Interactions

At Home

Interaction Cost Effect / Reward Possible Drops Requirements
Compose... 0 Energ Opens up Skill Level panel (see Skill Levels) Muse (Items), Groove (Items), Sheet Music, Metronome None
Play for fun 0 Energ Fulfills +1 Fun need Buzz (Items), Culture, Entertainment (Items), Relaxation (Items) None
Repair 1 Energ Repairs object Dunkin' Donuts Boost (2), Hammer (Items), Nails (Items), Power Drill, Saw(Item), Screws, Wrench (Items) Item is broken

Visiting Friends

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Interaction Cost Effect / Reward Possible Drops Requirements
Play for fun 0 Energ Fulfills +1 Fun need Entertainment (Items), Simoleons, Social Point None
Play 'Sims know how to Party!' 1 Energ Fulfills +1 Fun and Social need Entertainment (Items), Simoleons, Social Point ???
Repair 1 Energ Repairs object Buzz (Items), Culture, Entertainment (Items), Relaxation (Items) Item is broken

Skill Levels

Action Level Req. Requirements # Actions Profit Image
When a Sim loves a Sim 0 None 10 21
When a Sim Loves a Sim
Your Sim 16 2 Metronome, 2 Muse (Items) 15 22
Your Sim
Forgettable 18 2 Metronome, 3 Sheet Music 15 + 15 22
Careless Ninja 20 3 Metronome, 3 Cheese (Items)

20 + 20

Careless Ninja
Some-Sim 22 4 Metronome, 3 Goodwill (Items) 20 + 20 23
You're the Sim that I want 24 5 Metronome, 4 Muse (Items), 1 Sheet Music 20 + 20 24
You're the Sim That I Want
Lazy for you 27 6 Muse (Items), 5 Buzz (Items), 2 Relaxation (Items) 20 + 20 + 20 24
Lazy For You
Nothing Compares to WooHoo 30 7 Metronome, 5 Amplifier (Items), 3 Conductor's Baton 20 + 20 + 20 25
Nothing Compares to WooHoo
The Sim beneath my Sims 33 8 Metronome, 7 Entertainment (Items), 4 Goodwill (Items), 3 Muse (Items) 20 + 20 + 20 25
The Sim Beneath My Sims
The Power of WooHoo 36 10 Metronome, 8 Muse (Items), 5 Chord (Items), 3 Bling (Items) 20 + 20 + 20 26
The Power of WooHoo

News Feed Stories

The below stories can be published to your news feed by using this object.

Action Publication Reward
Finish Building ChimewayEmperorFeedBuild 1 Bling (Items)
Play 'Sims know how to Party!' PlaySimsKnowHowToParty 15 Social Point

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