Can't Hug Every Cat! is a multi-part quest that was added on November 29, 2012 during Pets Got Talent Week. There is no time limit for this quest. It is given by the character Kat.

Completing this quest is a requirement of the Kitties Are Forever! limited time quest.

Quest Requirements
Number of Friends 5
Minimum Cost Simoleons Social Point 0
Cost Breakdown Simoleons
Backpack Items Used
Equipment Needed Miss Kitty Keyboard, Cat Tower, Cat Litter Tray, Cat Food Bowl, Russian Blue cat, Computer

Quest Walkthrough

Image Part Description Notes Reward
Cant hug every cat feed pt1 1
  • You can train your cat to be even cuter! Click on you Russian Blue and get 1 Pet Star by teaching them a trick
  • Get your FREE Cat Tower from the store!
  • Have you seen the Miss Kitty Keyboard? It's amazing! You should totally try it out (and finish the first task!)
25 Lifetime Point Sign, 10 Experience Point, 3 Energ
Cant hug every cat feed pt2 2
  • Your Cat loves spending time with you. train you Russian Blue and earn 2 Pet Stars
  • Oh, and of course, you gotta remember to Clean The Litter Tray!
  • You kitty will want to play but you know it would LOVE the Cat Tower. Let's finish building it!
25 Lifetime Point Sign, 10 Experience Point, 25 Social Point
Cant hug every cat feed pt3 3
  • Oh, hey, when did you last feed your Cat? Remember to 'Fill The Bowl'!
  • Aww your cat looks so cute! I bet it'll be a HIT with your pals! Click on the Cat Tower and 'Take Photos' of your cat! (x5)
  • Your Cat loves spending time with you. Train your Russian Blue and earn 3 Pet Stars!
25 Lifetime Point Sign, 50 Simoleons, 10 Experience Point
Cant hug every cat feed pt4 4
  • Aww those pictures of your Cat look SO CUTE! Click on a computer and 'Upload Cat Pics'! (x3)
  • Post a feed to tell your friends how great your Cat is on the keyboard! (x5)
  • Of course your Cat is the best! Tarin your Russian Blue to Master all of its Tricks
  • Use any computer and 'Upload Cat Pics' 3 times
  • Post a story to your news feed and have 5 friends click
  • Master all the levels of the Russian Blue cat
75 Lifetime Point Sign, 150 Simoleons, 5 Energ

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