Build-It Holiday Tree - Gold
Build-It Holiday Tree - Gold
Shop Category: Outdoor
Need to Construct: Need to Decorate
Type: Decorate Christmas Tree Skill item
Size: 2 x 2

The Build-It Holiday Tree - Gold is a Christmas item which requires the special skill, the Decorate Christmas Tree Skill. It was added during Cozy Winter Retreat week in December 2011.

You buy this tree unadorned and then expend Energy and Backpack Items in order to level up your skill, which in turn decorates the tree in stages. Decoration / skill building will also unlock more interactions with the object.

The Decorate Christmas Tree Skill is linked to each type of Build-It Holiday tree. For example, if you master all levels in this Build-It Holiday Tree, any future Gold trees you buy will all be decorated, and you can fully interact with your friends' Gold trees. However, all other Build-It Holiday trees (such as the Build-It Holiday Tree - Frosty) will not be decorated; you will have to skill those up.

Item Interactions

At Home

Interaction Cost Effect / Reward Possible Drops Requirements
Decorate 0 Energ Opens up Skill Level panel (See Skill Levels below for more info) Candy Canes (Items) None
Water 1 Energ 15 Simoleons None None
Admire 0 Energ None Buzz (Items), Entertainment (Items) Level 1 (Add ornaments) completed
Dance 0 Energ None Entertainment (Items), Relaxation (Items) Level 6 (Add a star) completed

Visiting Friends

Interaction Cost Effect / Reward Possible Drops Requirements
Dance Together 1 Energ 2 Social Point (no social fulfillment!) None Item is clear on all sides
Christmas Cheer 1 Energ 2 Social Point (no social fulfillment!) None Level 1 (Add ornaments) completed
Water 1 Energ 15 Simoleons None None

Skill Levels

Action Level Requirements # Actions Profit (Christmas) Profit (Rest of Year)
Add lights 0 None 5 26 15
Add tinsel 1 2 Candy Canes (Items), 2 Holly Wreath (Items) 8 28 16
Add ornaments 2 4 Ornaments (Items), 2 Holly Wreath (Items) 10 30 17
Add candy canes 3 8 Candy Canes (Items), 2 Ornaments (Items) 10 32 18
Add ribbons 4 6 Candy Canes (Items), 6 Ornaments (Items), 6 Holly Wreath (Items) 12 34 20
Add bells 5 1 Cheer, 8 Ornaments (Items), 8 Holly Wreath (Items) 15 36 23
Add a star 6 12 Candy Canes (Items), 3 Cheer, 10 Gold Star, 10 Silver Bells (Items) 20 40 25

News Feed Stories

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Images of Tree

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