Big Trouble In Littlehaven

Big Trouble In Littlehaven is a limited time quest available from November 3 - 7, 2011, only four days. It is given by the character Tommy Amori.

Completing this quest will award you with the Maneki Neko statue.

Quest Requirements
Number of Friends 10
Minimum Cost Simoleons 11800 Simoleons Social Point 1000 Social Point
Cost Breakdown 1000 Social Point for Karate Mat, 1600 Simoleons Anachrobox x 4 = 6400 Simoleons, 800 Simoleons Slatted Fence x4 = 3200 Simoleons, 1100 Simoleons Karate Top, 600 Simoleons Karate Bandana, 500 Simoleons Karate Bottom
Backpack Items Used 3 Buzz Buzz (Items), 6 Entertainment Entertainment (Items), 5 Fury Fury (Items), 10 Newspaper Newspaper
Equipment Needed Computer,Bookcase, Karate Mat

Minimum Cost: 11800 Simoleons, 1000 Social Point

Quest Walkthrough

Image Part Description Notes Reward
  • Tell 3 Sims that you just met Tommy Amori
  • Go to computer and lookup Bighaven
  • Have 3 Buzz
  • Visit 3 Sims and choose "I met Tommi Amori" (positive social interaction)
  • Use computer, choose "Bighaven?"
  • Buzz will be consumed
10Lifetime Point Sign, 30Simoleons, 10Experience Point
  • Become Inspired
  • Read the Bluffers Guide To Karate Movies 6 times
  • Ask 4 Sims to convince the company to film in Littlehaven
  • Use bookcase and choose "Read Bluffers' Guide"
  • Visit Sims and choose "Help Convince Company" (positive social interaction)
15Lifetime Point Sign, 40Simoleons, 20Experience Point
  • Buy 4 indoor living room items from this week's Japenese range
  • Have a Karate Mat to practice your martial arts
  • Warm up 5 times
  • Must buy items in the living room section JRug, Karate Mat, etc. does not count
  • Warm up by interacting with the Karate Mat
25Lifetime Point Sign, 60Simoleons, 30Experience Point
  • Buy 4 outdoor items from this week's Japenese range to design the EXTERIOR movie set with
  • Tell 3 Sims about your awesome film set
  • Have 5 Fury
  • Must buy from the outdoor section of the shop
  • Tell 3 Sims is a positive social interaction with other sims
  • Fury will be consumed
30Lifetime Point Sign, 80Simoleons, 40Experience Point
  • Research origami on the internet 5 times
  • Ask friends for 10 Newspapers
  • Show off your origami skills to 10 Sims
  • Use a computer to research origami
  • Ask friends for newspapers is a wall post but ones gained from the writing skill count as well
  • Show off your oragami skills is a positive social interaction with other Sims
30Lifetime Point Sign, 50Simoleons, 40Experience Point
  • Have the karate top, karate bottom and bandana (red or blue) from the store
  • Have 6 Entertainment
  • Wearing the karate outfit, ask 6 different Sims if you look like a master of the Llama technique
  • 'Look Like Llama Master?' is a positive social interaction with other Sims
40Lifetime Point Sign, 100Simoleons, 50Experience Point
  • Ask 6 friends to be your karate partner
  • Wearing your karate outfit, practice your karate movs on the mat 10 times
  • Wearing the karate outfit, show off your karate moves to 8 different Sims
  • Ask 6 friends is a wall post that requires 6 different people to click
  • Click on the Karate Mat you bought earlier and do 'Practice Karate Moves'
  • 'Show Karate Skills' is an ok social interaction between Sims
50Lifetime Point Sign, 130Simoleons, 50Experience Point, Maneki Neko

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