BFFs is a type of Relationship your Sim can have with another Sim. You will need to send a Facebook confirmation in order to be BFFs with someone else's Sim.

Becoming BFFs unlocks a number of new social interactions as well as object interactions.

How to Get

There are several ways to get to be BFFs with a Sim.

1) Do friendly social interactions with Best Friends that keep moving your relationship bar to the right. Once you have passed the threshold, you will be prompted to send a request to be BFFs with another Sim. You won't be BFFs until the other person accepts this relationship. Doing more friendly interactions while waiting for this confirmation will not raise your relationship any higher.

2) You can also become BFFs by neglecting an Inspired BFFs relationship. If you do not visit your Inspired BFF several times each day your relationship will quickly degrade to BFFs. Even maintaining a BFFs relationshp can be difficult - you will have to visit and interact with your friend every day to keep this up. Note that you cannot actively force an Inspired BFF to become just a BFF; if you do mean interactions to lower your bar you will become Ex-Friends instead.

Object Interactions

To see a list of objects with social interactions unlocked by being BFFs, see BFFs Interactions.

Social Interactions

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All social interactions that are available at the BFFs relationship level are available at all other higher friendly social relationship levels. By default you will begin with Friendly interactions.

The following social interactions are unlocked by being Friends:

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  • Ask About Day
  • Chat
  • Chew the Fat
  • Compliment
  • Flirt (Brings up the following romantic interactions below)
    • Be Suggestive
    • Confess Attraction
    • Flatter
    • Flirty Joke
  • Insult (Brings up the following mean interactions below)
    • Apologise
    • Insult Home
    • Insult Outfit
    • Imply Mother is a Llama
  • Joke Around
  • Tell Story

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