Awkward Friends
Awkward Friends is a type of Relationship your Sim can have with another Sim. This is considered a mean kind of relationship.

You do not need to publish a confirmation story in Facebook to achieve this relationship level. You can have this relationship with Bella Goth.

How to Get

Awkward Friends is the base relationship that all other relationships eventually turn into, if you stop visiting a Sim over time.

You can reach this level several ways:

  • Be Sort of Friends and do friendly interactions until you have maxed out the relationship bar.
  • Be Ex-Lovers and do friendly interactions until you have maxed out the relationship bar.
  • Be Friends and let your relationship passively degrade by no longer visiting them, or the kindest way is also when you do a romantic action (ie slap and giggle) many many times, your status will go down.

Social Interactions

Most social interactions that are available at the Awkward Friends relationship level are available at all other social relationship levels. By default you will begin with Friendly interactions.

The following social interactions are unlocked by being Awkward Friends:

  • Ask About Day
  • Awkward Hug
  • Chat
  • Chew the Fat
  • Compliment
  • Find Common Interests
  • Flirt (Brings up the following romantic interactions below)
    • Cheesy Line
    • Clumsy Pass
    • Compliment Appearance
    • Confess Attraction
    • Flatter
  • Insult (Brings up the following mean interactions below)
    • Apologise
    • Ask For Money Back
    • Call Bad Friend
    • Imply Mother is a Llama
    • Insult Home
    • Insult Outfit
    • Laugh At Hairstyle
    • Petty Jab
    • Provoke
    • Sneer
  • Joke Around
  • Polite Chit Chat
  • Small Talk
  • Talk About Weather
  • Tell Story

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