Art Virtuoso trait

Art Virtuoso is a type of special career trait your Sim can have in The Sims Social. This trait is awarded for reaching a Level 5 Art Master career. According to the in-game description, an Art Virtuoso Sim can:

"Get better payouts for doing arty actions."

Unlike other traits, this trait can only be increased in level by getting the final career promotions associated with the Art Master.

This trait must be equipped in order to work.

Note: The Level 2 of this trait requires you to reach level 9 in the Art Master career to unlock it - as of now, there is no level 9 in any career. These will likely be added in a future update.


Level Cost to Upgrade Description Benefits
1 Reach level 5 in the Art Career 'Earn a bit more simoleons when you use the art skill!' Gives two more simoleons per skill action (plus one extra when inspired)
2 Reach level 5 in the Art Career 'Earn even more when you use the art skill!' ?
3 ? 'Earn even, EVEN more when you use the art skill!' ?
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