Art Imitates Virtual Life is a multi-part quest given by the character Scarlett.

This quest is preceded by: Take My Advice.

Quest Requirements

You will need the following to complete the entire quest:

Minimum Cost: 88 Simoleons

  • 44 Simoleons to plant one plot of Strawberries x 2 days

Quest Walkthrough

Part Description Notes Reward
  • Order the videogame
  • Ask friends for 3 reviews of the videogame
  • Harvest a crop for 2 consecutive days
  • Order the video game using your computer
  • Ask for reviews is a wall post, need 3 clicks
  • Any crop will do
30 Lifetime Point Sign, 30 Experience Point, 50 Simoleons
  • Pick up the videogame
  • Have 7 Nutty Snack Bars
  • Have 7 Leftovers
  • Use mailbox to "Pick up Videogame"
  • Nutty Snack Bars and Leftovers are given by doing cooking actions and fulfilling hunger needs
15 Lifetime Point Sign, 30 Experience Point, 30 Simoleons
  • Ask 4 sims what the word is
  • Have 10 Entertainment
  • Install the videogame
  • Visit 4 friends and "Ask What Is the Proper Word"
  • Entertainment comes from satisfying Fun needs
  • Use computer to Install Videogame
  • Bird is the word ;)
25 Experience Point, 50 Simoleons, 2 Energ
  • Unpack 5 boxes in videogame (5x)
  • Visit Bella in videogame
  • Ask 6 sims to 'add me plz'
  • Use computer to unpack boxes and visit Bella
  • Visit 6 Sims and ask "Add Me Plz" - this can be either a negative or positive social interaction and will drop Fury
30 Experience Point, 50 Simoleons, 3 Energ
  • Become Inspired
  • Have 5 Hope
  • Collect 5 Neighbors
  • See Needs and Inspiration if you don't know how to become inspired
  • You can post a request to your wall for the Hope
  • Click computer then "Collect Neighbors"
25 Lifetime Point Sign, 30 Experience Point, 50 Simoleons, 1 Goodwill (Items)
  • Have 8 Relaxation
  • Complete 8 quests in videogame
  • Look at 6 sims in a new light
  • Get relaxation by satisfying fun needs
  • Use computer to Complete Quest
  • Visit 6 friends and choose "Look at in New Light"
25 Lifetime Point Sign, 30 Simoleons, 25 Experience Point
  • Ask 8 Sims about The Sims Social
  • Search for information about The Sims Social 5 times
  • Ask 5 friends if they've heard of the Sims Social
  • Visit 8 Friends, ask about the Sims Social
  • Use computer to Search for the Sims Social
  • Ask friends is a wall post and only requires 3 friends not 5
50 Lifetime Point Sign, 100 Simoleons, 50 Experience Point, 3 Energ

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