A Fresh Start quest

A Fresh Start is a mini quest about a new cooking skill item, the Le Café Grande Patisserie. It is given by the character Penelope Pemberton.

Quest Requirements

Minimum cost: 0 Simoleons, 0 Social Point

Note: By purchasing the Le Cafe Grande Patisserie item, it will begin a timer and you will have fourteen days to finish the skill levels to receive the special gift item. If you are unable to complete the skill levels, you will not be able to obtain the special item again.

Quest Walkthrough

Part Description Notes Reward
  • Find the FREE Le Café Grande Patisserie in the store and place it in your Sim's house
  • Do 1 skill interaction with Patisserie
  • Click on the shop icon, find the Le Café Grande Patisserie and place it in your house
  • Perform 1 cooking skill interaction with it
20 Lifetime Point Sign, 40 Experience Point 1 Love (Items)

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